LAyeRS: the sweetest kiss

ROLE Director/Producer/Editor/Art Director 

CLIENT Personal

STUDIO Amala Studio


Does love make us stiff? How much of our personality do we lose when in an intimate relationship? Does love, desire, lust... hold us back? The Sweetest Kiss explores those questions.

The piece is the second exploration within my Layers series, a series which arose from the desire to be able to remove all the emotional baggage that I had allowed to be laid upon me through the years, diffusing, morphing, opaquing the real me… and a wish of simply returning to that pure Alina I began as.  

In this version I explore intimate relationships by documenting an actual instant where the layering took place. I like to play with romantic notions, to push them to the extremes. It is a response to being a latina and the extreme passion I learned culturally. I like the ridiculousness in their encounter, I’m trying to encapsulate a moment of blissfulness and have it last forever. This piece is a document of a moment in time. I desired to capture and encapsulate their sweet bliss before it all goes rotten.

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