ROLE  Director, Art Director, Writer, Editor, Producer, VFX


It was fun coming up with the whole world for this video. The story had initially been conceived as a short film and we adapted it for NZCA LINES. 

"If only the wind slowed down, I'd feel you were here some how.... it carries me back...straight into you..."

Music video for the band NZCA LINES (pronounced naz-ca lines). 

Melancholic and magnetic Persephone holds a dark secret, deep inside herself. On a night out, while numbing her inner demons, she meets Roman: a sweet charmer, who can’t avoid her pull. Will he get lost in her darkness?

The music video is about how one can get lost within that lucid hopeful promise of a new love, and how we can get sucked in and possibly disappear into the other lover’s darkness. It is also about that lonely, empty feeling within one’s chest and wanting to fill it with in this case, a lover.


Starring: Isabelle Barbier & Mateo D’Amato

Directed, Written, Produced, Edited: Alina Landry Rancier

Director of Photography: Matt Klammer

Gaffer: Sean Li, Alex Purifoy

AC: Dom Galeano

AD: Felipe Esteban

Costumes: Laura Isabel Fernandez

Color Correction: Evan Kultangwatana

Special Effects/Compositing: Alina Landry Rancier 

Space sequence by Hans Lo

Additional FX Help and Consulting by Erik Rasmussen